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    x264 Video Codec

    The x264 encoder is the most widely deployed Advanced Video Codec (AVC) in the market.

    x264 is used on over five billion devices. It’s estimated that over 80% of all video assets worldwide are encoded using X264.



    From 2019 MSU Video Transcoding Clouds Comparison 2019 report.



    From the MSU HEVC/AV1 Video Codecs Comparison 2019 report.

    IMPORTANT: VideoLAN hosts the x264 open source project, but has no authority to grant commercial licenses to the x264 encoder software. A commercial license keeps your code updates proprietary. More licensing information is available here.


    CoreCodec’s CoreAVC continues to be the choice for high performance h.264 video decoding applications.

    Company Overview

    Incorporated in 2005, CoreCodec, Inc. is a privately held corporation with a team of 10 focused on supporting the global video development community by creating software development tools, multimedia technologies, and providing professional services. We serve a wide range of companies from major internet players to small startups developing innovative, high performance video products.

    The wide market acceptance and success of CorePlayer and CoreAVC led the x264 Open Source Team to partner with CoreCodec in the exclusive distribution of commercial licenses of what has become the gold standard of H.264 encoding. This complementary set of video technologies is often paired in applications demanding both functions such as transcoding and video conferencing.

    Core Customers

    CoreCodec’s customer list is an impressive array of over 250 major video product and service companies. Many companies require confidentiality, but we are able to disclose the following companies as customers: Google, Facebook, Fuze, Verizon Communications, Thales, L3Harris, Ericsson, Saab, Nokia, and many more.

    Open Sales Solutions, LLC, handles licensing for CoreCodec and it’s software products.  Contact us for more information.


    MulticoreWare specializes in accelerating software and algorithms, so if your code targets a multi-core, heterogeneous platform, MulticoreWare can help. 

    x265 is by far the most widely used HEVC (H.265) encoder in the world, powering the H.265 encoding capabilities of many leading open source applications including FFMPEG and VLC.

    MulticoreWare is leading the development of next-gen video VVC (Versatile Video Coding) technology with the open source x266 encoding and x266 consortium project.

    UHDkit is a proprietary software video encoding library targeted at optimizing video quality and turn-around time when encoding video for OTT and live streaming.

    Open Sales Solutions handles licensing for MulticoreWeb video’s software products. Please contact us for more information. 


    Webomates is a cloud-based AI software testing as a service platform.


    Webomates allows companies to carry out software functional testing in guaranteed timeframes. It provides a no code, no script, low touch method to achieve software test automation.

    The platform creates test cases and scripts and executes them using multiple testing execution techniques like AI automation, automation, crowdsource, and AI enhanced manual. At the end of the execution what you get is the actionable triaged defects. Every execution result is recorded and auditable from the CQ portal.

    Webomates CQ supports a wide variety of software applications like web-based, mobile responsive, mobile native, and windows native, etc. You can also use CQ not only to test your web user interface and API but also for performance and security testing. 

    Core Customers

    Webomates delivers next-generation business impacts by empowering clients like the US Air Force, Comcast, Priceline, and Rackspace to:

    • Increase development speed by up to 11x
    • Decrease defects by up to 90%
    • Generate up to 500 new test cases and scripts in less than a week
    • Full test execution in 24 hours
    • Auto healing of test cases and scripts in real-time
    • No false positives with actionable triaged defects captured in 20-second videos

    Open Sales Solutions, LLC, handles licensing for Webomates. Please contact us for more information. 

    Open Source Licensing

    Understanding Open Source licensing requirements can be tricky. We can help.