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    Open Sales Solutions, LLC
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    Open Sales Solutions, LLC

    Incorporated in 2014, Open Sales Solutions, LLC (OSS), is a privately held corporation distributing software codecs, development tools, multimedia technologies, and OTT system solutions.

    Video is expanding into every aspect of our culture. Eighty percent of video applications worldwide utilize one or more of the products distributed by Open Sales Solutions.

    Our Partners


    The x264 encoder is the most widely deployed Advanced Video Codec (AVC) encoder in the market.


    CoreAVC continues to be the choice for high performance h.264 video decoding codec applications.


    High performance video codecs and more, including X265 (HEVC), x266 (VVC), and UHDKit.

    Open Sales Solutions, LLC

    About Us

    OSS distributes software codecs, development tools, multimedia technologies, OTT system solutions for the cable, Telco, and Aviation, as well as project support through professional services. 

    We serve a wide range of companies from major internet players to small startups developing innovative, high performance video products.

    Open Sales Solutions, LLC, is not a company that rests on its past successes. We continue to attract new customers and support our customer base by providing innovative solutions, custom library builds, new feature development, and expanding professional services.

    Open Source Licensing

    Understanding Open Source licensing can be tricky. We Can Help.

    Over 300 major video product and service companies

    Our Clients


    Use the form to email the team at Open Sales Solutions.  We usually respond to inquiries within one business day, sometimes sooner.

    Open Sales Solutions, LLC

    1965 E Dava Drive

    Tempe, AZ  85283



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